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The natural essence of a community is propelled by its ideology that unifies and creates a bond that is evergreen. Sikhi is a way of life that inherits the values that have been organically ingrained in all walks of life. The Almighty Guru’s have foreshadowed and blessed every Sikh with bravery, wisdom, spiritual protection, and the virtue to last and be immortal within every breath blessed upon us. It is ingrained in our warrior lineage and a grandiose way of life as our history has prophesied the desire to be one with the source.

The evil and good is the ultimate test placed on everyone in our Sikh tribe and the rebellious in this ill idelogical geopolitical environment, we have a duty as a servant to the Guru to stand in the face of tyranny and injustice against humanity. Whether the battle in terms of diplomatically, rationally, and when that is not enough rebellion becomes duty with the guidance of the source with no fear. Hukam “#28 Rajneeti parhni- Study politics is a commandment ordered by our Guru and this the basis of the effort of the Kaum to have Khalsa Raaj flourish worldwide. Ask yourself what is freedom?For some it may relate to being able to walk to and from work safely with no disturbance, others want themselves and their family to prosper, and for others it is having the key tenets and traditions of their faith to be protected and respected. Sikhi has prescribed the protocols for freedom for our coming generations, we have to bond together, believe, and have a common goal, Khalistan as the main objective to preserve our customs.

We as Sikhs have to carry the torch forward that our Gurus have lit, this means everyone plays a role on the microlevel which will transmute to the macro level with God’s will. The unity we possess as a Kaum is our strength and that very notion has been infiltrated by misinformation, lies, propaganda, and many so called Singhs have been infiltrated at the top level political sphere. Sacrifices are part of our duty, these can be taking time out of your daily busy schedule and reading up about our history, connecting with Sikhs who are determined to make Khalistan a nation on the land of Punjab. You being on this website (84Spirit) is a sign that the spiritual and ancestor energy has aligned you with this movement. Many questions, defamatory allegations, and distrusted dialogue have plagued our community. These can be linked to mainstream media, social media censorship, paid off leaders in out Kaum to misguide the Gurus fauj. These well planned and funded opposition maneuvers have been working behind the scenes collaboratively and have weakened the spirit of the Khalsa spiritually and physically.

Ask yourself ” if we are so free in India, why are there discriminatory acts taking places at Gurdwaras, which Beadbis are a common occurrence in villages, and also at Harminder Sahib?”. What have we done where we are facing this type of hatred against our places of worship and our holy Guru (SGGSJ). The energy we possess cannot be fathomed by the ones at the current throne in this geopolitical sphere, because their Raaj (Reign) stems from fraud, genocide, and tyranny. In contrast to the Khalsa Raaj which stems from equal right and freedoms for all that reside, which is going to be mirrored by the Khalistan ideology when its becomes fruitful. Sikhs have been kept at bay and not given any stance towards gaining any political power as we can see by today’s political structure which has been taking away little that is left of Punjab, economically and physically based on the landscape and natural resources.

The world has been turned into a business of sorts under the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of us, our families, and our forefathers. This ideology is not sustainable in the long run and that is where Khalistan is the answer to be self sufficient, self reliant, and take back what is ours. Panjab is the land of five rivers and that physical attribute overshadows the fact Punjab was built on the blood of our forefathers, and ancestors. The blood has been mixed with the soil, air, and waters, it runs through us and the deep connection will be wanted to enter the playground with the sangat The law is one sided and against Sikhs, we are not served justice in a so-called democratic nation. Khalistan will be for the people of all kinds and most importantly the land will be a safe haven to preserve Sikh and its people and will flourish worldwide.

The current ideology that India runs off has no room for minorities like Sikhs, where a universal religion law (Hindu Rashtra) will come into effect with the motive to preserve Hindu practices and its tenets. If other religions are proposing such visions about their people, why have not Sikhs done so to. In this give and take world, in order to gain something we have to let go of something. India has taken a firm stand and is backing its religion for the long term perseverance of their way of life (saving the endangered sacred cows, banning religious conversion from Hindu religion, and having their holy sites protected under law). The detail oriented goals our so called brothers and sisters have in motion has left Sikhs along with other minority religions of being ousted from the land they thought was theirs. The foundational mapping of one’s identity is connected with the land that holds their way of life, and for Sikhs its Punjab. We have a duty to come forward and do everything in our power to map it still visible on the world map. Even if we are situated far from it, we still hold dear, have a say on this geopolitical matter, and we can exercise our diplomatic rights to fight a war that is ongoing but not visible to the average community member. Participating by sharing, purchasing merchandise, keeping up to date with current relevant events, having these conversations with the family, and planting seeds in our generations to come is the only way forward for Khalistan and its future inhabitants.

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