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Be proud of your people and their land. Represent on the world stage with the regal colors of your very own Khalistan Flag. The more flags are flown across the world the more the awareness for our need of sovereignty is acknowledged and accepted. Once the ones among you which were fearfully silent to call for sovereignty see it even they will want to be included and unity will abound.

It should be in every household and every gurdwara. Let’s change the false narrative that has been pushed by nefarious entities and battle their campaign with our own visual unity with a clear and determinate message behind it. What better way than flying the flag of your Sovereign land.

Lastly 10% of all purchases will fund the “Sikhs for Justice” organization for their  valiant efforts towards the establishment of our homeland.

Gift your baba and your bibi with a flag, instill the spirit of freedom within your children. The choice is yours just be sure to fly the flag of freedom and manifest the realization of a Sikh homeland for all races and creeds to co-exist peacefully as it was in the days of MahaRaja Ranjit Singh Ji.

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