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Historically, Goliath archetypes, such as emperors and warriors have been are glorified for their unparalleled courage and valour, all while conquering insurmountable feats. Prominent figures, Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great are lauded for their ruthless nature, amassing wealth through sheer destruction and pillaging of the masses.

Why are they so fondly remembered by historians and their fellow descendants? What is common amongst these adversarial personalities?
Blinded by ego, control and limitless power, they selfishly fought for a singular gain.

Has any leader led with faith, purpose and truth, while protecting innocence from tyranny?
Enter the complete Saint-Soldier, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. The Hawk on the shoulders of the Tenth King had landed. Voted as the Greatest Sikh of the 20th Century, Sant Ji took the throne of Damdami Taksal in August of 1977. While he was charismatic and compassionate, he was devout in belief and value system.
Engrossed in the gospel of Gurbani and shielded by martyred angels of the Panth, Sant Ji marched forward and woke an entire nation paralyzed in a coma. Apart from his prowess for Gurmat and impeccable adherence to Rehat Maryada, Sant Ji was revolutionary. Always remaining in service to the congregation, Sant Ji’s legacy involved the following:

  • Preached about the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sikh History across India
  • 14 FIRs were filed against him, but he was never charged with any crime during his tenure as Jathedar of Damdami Taksal
  • Retrieval of daughters of Hindu and Muslim families after they had been kidnapped for ransom
  • Justice for families whose daughters were raped or abused
  • Protection for Mandir’s and Mosques against hate crimes
  • Provided financial aid and support to impoverished families for education/wedding arrangements
  • Promoted abstinence from drugs and alcohol and brought Sikh youth back towards religious roots
  • Legal assistance provided to Sikhs who were falsely arrested and jailed
  • Ended custom of large bridal parties and dowry to lessen the burden on families

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