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Deviation from Punjab to rest of India – Punjab has highest premiums for water and electricity – should both be free.

No land rights for the indigenous people of Punjab – cannot purchase or invest within Punjab itself and land is sold cheaper to those out of State.

Farming/Agriculture – No control over Agricultural industry – forced to grow different crops, with inadequate pricing and storage.

No right to sell direct to consumer.

Farmers’ debts – increasing suicides and sale of land

Religious discrimination and sacrilege – not given access to employment opportunities or educational exams due to being baptized/5Ks – attacks on religious sites.

Indian Constitution – Section 25B – Sikhs identified as Hindus

Political persecution – Sikhs have lengthier sentences than any other ethnic group in India – Prisoners not freed, despite completing double their  sentences

No justice for Sikhs – unfair trials/legal proceedings, unlawful detention i.e. Jaggi Johal

Perpetrators of injustice against Sikhs roaming free from 1984 June/November Genocide i.e. Jagdish Tytler

Social media, Sikh networks and journalists shutdown/banned

No distinguished employment positions regardless of qualifications

Punjabi language being removed as an official language at the state and federal levels

Language not being taught in school curriculum in Punjab

Drug Epidemic
Heroin, cocaine, meth all being smuggled into Punjab and sold to the youth


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