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Warning!  Sikhi is at risk.  Our beloved Guru’s pure way of life has been infiltrated by energies which want to penetrate the roots of an evergreen culture.  Did you know Panjab is in the midst of a demographic transformation that is filtering out Sikh youth by design.  This forced migration is having geopolitical impacts globally as the trend of migrating abroad for a better future is comparable to plucking flowers from its roots, one Visa at a time.  This coupled with more strategized onslaught unleashed on an already underfunded, infrastructure starved, economically malnourished state, we are in midst of a rapid inferno needing protection gallantly.

Modernization has catapulted society in a way which has made life easier in almost all angles of life.  With this type of advancement comes sacrifices, in this give and take notion, we as Sikhs find ourselves on unstable ground, where the grandiose way of life is having to shed its essence and thread away from ancestral territories.      roots are being plucked and our sangat has no clue as to what is happening but they are up to date on their Netflix to watch list. Metaphorically speaking the chickens have come home to roost or the boy who cried wolf scenario has become reality for our brother and sisters.  The unity that was seen during the farmers protest in 2021 brought the global planners and their agendas on their knees where this historic fight leaves a stain on the opposers clothing without no solution to reverse the mark.  This courageous stand was possible only by the Gurus’ strict orders for his children to stand up against any form of tyranny or the weak in this case the small farmers whose way of making an honest living would have come under great danger if the corporates gained any ground on the already unlevelled markets stationed around Panjab and other lush positively remineralized earth around India.  The numerous sights of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jain, Buddhists,  brandishing the human spirit as One and marching with love, fearlessness, angst, and vigor on the streets which their sweat and blood helped to construct.  These sights resembled the unified under the guise of the Great Maharaja Ranjit Singh, where Panjab was a global leader, employers of foreign talents, Churches, Temples, Mosques, and Gurdwaras all stood together and chimed freely unified under a peaceful demographic setting under no form of discrimination.

The old saying “you only know the value of something when it is not there anymore”, might become a harsh reality if the Sikh Kaum don’t collaboratively work towards strengthening and reengage with oneself, and decide to water the roots instead of let them get clamped out of the ground.  The world is manifested and is steadfast on the polarity of war, nature is fighting itself, animals are vigilant in the jungle reigning to triumph over other tribes, people are at war with themselves.  The grounds we walk upon daily potentially have a history of warfare of some sort and this is going to continue as it is the master plan of the One on the grander scale.  We as Sikhs must take control on the microlevel and the macro level will present as a possibility with no threshold and blossom into the sacred plight of diplomacy and an vengeful path to conquer on our quest to bring in the Khalsa Raaj. The Raaj that will be for all of humanity, which our wounded world needs today.

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